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2nd Florida Infantry Regiment Co. F

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Welcome to the site of the 2nd Florida Infantry Regiment                                  Co.F Reenactors !

"The Gulf State Guards"

    This site was created for the members of the 2nd Florida Co. F and spectators alike.  The site contains history of the original Company F, and also pictures, event schedule and much more of the reactivated re-enacting unit.  

     If you would like to join our company and get started in re-enacting just e-mail Tom Savitsky at or if you would just would like info on re-enacting or our web site feel free to e-mail me, Matt Savitsky, at   Thank You for visiting the Official home page of the 2nd Florida Co. F reenactors!


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         -Please Visit the new History Page of the Co.F-


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                                                   Please Visit:


                          This is the Homepage of the 1st Division ANV

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                                     This page is created and maintained by Private Matt Savitsky

                                      E-mail me questions or comments at   




                                                                         This page was last updated on 03/03/01.

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